FreeBSD Sendmail Smarthost

March 9, 2014   freebsd sendmail relay smtp

Updating sendmail can feel likc a arduous task, but if you do it properly, it is safe and easy.


Bootstrap Theme

July 2, 2013   alfred macosx

Quick Twitter Bootstrap Palette Theme for


Alfred Theme - Solarized

May 13, 2013   alfred macosx

Solarized Theme


Installing rbenv on Mac OS X

May 10, 2013   ruby rbenv rvm development

rbenv is one of the two major version managers for Ruby. I really enjoy its simplistic approach and clean implementation.


PostgreSQL Fault Tolerance

May 4, 2013   sysadmin postgresql HA corosync pacemaker drbd

Before we get started I want to go over what it means to be highly available/fault tolerant. To have a pair of machines (the minimum!) in a cluster that provides redundency to a service or set of services. High availability is usually accomplished by a cluster framework like the one we will be using in this post. That being said there are a lot of tutorials online that show a partial implementation of this setup. My objective here is to have a more complete resource in one place. That said, this post still only scratches the surface of what you can do with Pacemaker/CoroSync.


Puppet Fault Tolerance

May 1, 2012   sysadmin devops puppet automation

Puppet is an infrastructure and configuration management toolset that no only unifies the management of multiple machines across multiple platforms. It allows for knowledge sharing, elimination of repetition, increase portability of configurations because it is platform agnostic. This is done by overlaying a domain-specific language (DSL) on top that can be shared across multiple systems, platforms, and architectures.